Controlled Drilling & Blasting

Safety and the environment first

You're looking for the highest standards in drilling and blasting. Gulf is committed to investing in leading-edge technologies that make the excavation process safer and more efficient.

In 2008, our company implemented a computerized initiation system at our quarry to minimize blast vibrations and noise. Your project's impact on the community and the environment is minimized by this state-of-the-art technology.

If your work site is located in a built-up or environmentally sensitive area, we have worked with the newest in low-energy explosive systems. We've used this system at a hospital site to successfully excavate large quantities of hard rock within 30 metres of sensitive medical instruments.

The health and property of people in the community—as well as your good reputation—are protected by our policy of commissioning pre-test surveys and pre-blast monitoring of neighbourhood homes. We also have a policy of communicating proactively with homeowners—including soliciting feedback—to ensure there is open dialogue and that all concerns are heard.

These steps provide us with the information necessary to conduct drilling and blasting operations that are safe and responsible.

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Gulf Operators—Building safety and protection for the environment into everything we do.