Moving the earth safely

At Gulf Operators, safety is our top priority. Working safely is not something we do in addition to working productively. It is a core value that guides us in all of our thinking and everything we do.

As a result of our unwavering commitment to industry-leading safety policies, our record for safety is among the best in the business. You can rest assured that safety will be deeply embedded at every stage of your civil construction project.

Through training, monitoring, recognition and incentive programs, we continue to strengthen the safety of our operations. In 2008, the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association (NBCSA) acknowledged our achievements with a Certificate of Recognition.

Gulf Operators has also successfully completed the Safety Achievement Financial Incentive System (SAFIS) audit program through Work Safe NB, which awarded us a rebate on our compensation payments for improvements to our safety program.

Some of our key programs and initiatives to promote safety are:

  • Safety training in-house and through the New Brunswick Construction Safety Association (NBCSA)
  • Formal on-the-job safety training
  • Job-safety analysis and study
  • Tailgate talks every morning
  • Toolbox meetings every week
  • Formal site inspections by supervisors and workers
  • Training in safe trenching and excavation for employees and customers
  • Formal incident/accident reporting, analysis and review
  • Formal drug and alcohol policy
  • Modified-duties/return-to-work program

Our key programs supporting safety in the field are: 

  • Safety training for site supervisors
  • Supervisor incentives based on safety record
  • Designation safety representatives on jobsites
  • Joint Health and Safety Committees

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Gulf Operators—Building safety and protection for the environment into everything we do.